Our Vision



We believe people deserve chemical free, tasty rice that is environmentally sustainable.

Over 20 years ago Peter Randall began growing organic rice to resist the negative trends such as

companies modifying organisms for profit, farmers killing ecosystems with chemicals,

rising cancer rates and large companies controlling food production.


When laws changed Randall Organic Rice was launched, to provide australians with:


    • Fresh Rice milled and delivered in less than 2 weeks.

    • That is Organic, harmonious with the environment, NASAA certified no. 2073

    • Grown locally, produced in the murrumbidgee irrigation area (MIA)

    • and Tasty! More nutritious due to farming and milling techniques


We are an australian owned, family operated business.




The hardest part of farming is the unpredictability of the weather. 

Drought servely affected us last decade, it was a hard time. 

Most of QL and northern NSW are back in drought. With livestock starving to death and farmers shooting them selves.

Buy a bale is providing some help. Please help our aussie farming families.


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