We are an organisation that believes in organic farming and that everyone deserves tasty, nutritious organic rice.


Peter   Peter Randall,

  Owner and father.

 Peter was one of the pioneers of organic rice farming in southern new south wales. He has worked in the agricultural industry his whole life and owned a farm at a young age. Peter has extensive knowledge of farming techniques, machinery, landcare, local ecosystems, local species, flora and fauna. His interests include those topics as well as science, aviation and sustainable housing.



JennyJennifer Randall,

Owner and mother.

Jennifer comes from a farming background. Jenny is the chief financial officer and the majority of the customer service team! Since 1982 She has handled the administration side of the farm, and has cared for mentally disabled people on casual basis. Jenny loves horses, enjoys reading and is a regular at the local presbyterian church.





   TimTimothy Randall,

Son and marketing manager for sydney region.

Tim grew up on the family farm during the the last big drought, between 2000 and 2010. He has just completed a degree in biological sciences at the university of wollongong, and was helping with the distribution during his degree. Now he works on the farm (milling), transporting rice and attending markets. He is interested in entrepreneurship, community development, renewable energy, nutrition, health, environmentally regenerative farming, as well as soccer and parkour. See my Google+ and facebook



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