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Rice cake machines bought and delivery timeline.

To all our patient supporters!

I haven't had any questions about timing! :) We have started supplying few boxes of rice cakes here and there for the fantastic stores that supported us, Choku bai Jo, Apples and sage, Sovereign foods and Flavours Shoalhaven.

With a bit of extra funds added by my parents for the peripheral equipment, I was able to purchase two rice cake machines on the Friday 24th of June!!

The delay was due to pozible paying 12 days after and a small error so I had to wait a few more days to receive all the funds. It was then a lengthy process to figure out exactly what to do. It which I had to keep an eye on our AUD to USD because the Korea company sells the machines in AUD.

I tried to get a better than bank exchange rate, but had trouble with Torfx not getting back to me a few times, and OFX just using bank exchanges anyway.

So just before Brexit I had to bit the bullet and pay top dollar for the USD. But they are on the machines are now on there way way! Planned to arrive the first week of August.

I'm really looking forward to sending our your rice cakes.

Hope the markets you attend, are not far away for a place for you to vote tomorrow!

Yours organically


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