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Our Produce

We grow, mill and sell Koshihikari (Short grain) available in semi-brown and brown. We also make brown rice cakes and rice flour (brown and white). Rice bran also available.


Extra information:

We really appreciate direct bulk orders! A bulk order is 5kg+ for any variety of rice.

Please order at the start of the week (by Tuesday is best). (Where to Buy)

We can deliver rice to the Sydney area and you pick up from any of our markets (Delivered Monday, Thursday, Friday or after markets on Saturday and Sundays in the second half of the month {usually the last week of the month now}).

You can also order via phone, one of our market stalls or by emailing us, especially if you are not buying for the first time.


Cooking directions:

We recommend rinsing with cold water before cooking. Soaking brown rice for a few hours before cooking can reduce cooking time and soften the rice. 1 cup of uncooked rice equals 3 cups of cooked rice. Resting cooked rice can help it firm up. Vary water to prefered taste.

Raw Rice: Store in sealed container in fridge or area below 12 degrees.

This is to keep the oils in brown and semi-brown rice fresh. Also because our milled rice is not treated or fumigated with pesticides it is at risk from Weevils. They are triggered by hot/warm humid weather.

Updated: 2nd of Nov 2022

Rice Cakes

Koshihikari (Japanese sticky short grain) (low to medium GI)

This a lovely soft sticky rice with a great flavour. Available in white to semi-brown and brown. Great in risottos, rice puddings and sushi.

Rice Flour

Brown Rice Cakes

Deliciously crisp and wholesomely natural in flavour they make for a great base snack. Perfect for having with meats, cheeses, spreads and dips.

Our rice cakes are made on farm from brown koshihikari and a tiny bit of water, no flavours or preservatives added.

Rice Flour (Brown and White)

Made with a stone mill, we can vary the grinding to change how coarse it is.

Rice Bran

Made from rubbing brown rice grains against each other (by product of the process to make white rice).

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