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Impact of the drought

Due to below average rainfall since 2017 we have had reduced rice crops and had no rice crop this past summer (2019-20).

To adapt to this challenge we are now starting to process our oats. Rolled oats and groats (which are de-hulled oats for home rolling) are available through the link above.

Oat crops are apart of our farming system. However this is the first time we have de-hulled and rolled our oats for direct sale.

Current rainfall in our region is helping to produce a great oat crop this winter. We are hoping there is lot more rain over the Canberra/Tumut region to be able to grow rice this summer.


We believe food should be organic, fresh, delicious, nutritious, environmentally responsible, as local as possible, and from a place you can visit.

Our oats and rice is single origin with the whole process being completed on our family farm. 

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 We acknowledge the Wiradjuri people as the traditional custodians of our land. 

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Certified organic since 1989.


In 1989, Peter Randall begun growing wholesome, organic rice certified by the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture (NASAA).


After deregulation of the industry in 2009, and the end of 10 year long drought in 2011, over 20 years after becoming organic our family could finally realise our dream of selling fresh, delicious, nutritious, environmentally responsible rice straight from our farm.

Our backers

In mid 2016, we crowdfunded for a couple of rice cake makers. We had over one hundred backers, including the 4 businesses below.

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